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Which Cooler is better?

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  1. your first link is not working-brings you to part of toms forum

    second link
    is good
    I dont have experience with that cooler
    but it looks good
    and Zalman is an extremely respected company

    but without first link I cannot answer your question :)
  2. The first link is this: AND if the link didn't work it's the Noctua NH-D14

    So is the second link is better? I mostly prefer the second link because it can handle up to TDP of 320 Watts(I Think) awhile others are aound the 200 watts(Probably lower)...
  3. Just going from reviews and from what I hear on Toms
    the Noctua is supposed to the best
    that is one of the most highly rated
    with that said
    I dont think you can go wrong with either one
    try a search on toms on Noctua NH-D14 and you wil see many recomendations
    of that cooler
  4. BUT, the Heatpipes on the second link is way better than Noctua Heatpipes... Is there any test or reviews on both link together?
  5. this article compares 9 different coolers

    from reading it
    the Noctual is rather large and hard to fit
    though it is the best air cooler
    so the Zalman would be the easier fit
  6. Check out this site... the Noctua is your best bet:
  7. Agree everywhere you read on the web teh Noctua is considered the best
    in its price range
    only complaint if size and fitting it
    I dont think you would want to use it on a mATX board
    definitely would have trouble with tall ram like Ripjaws
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    The Noctua is better in terms of cooling but the Zalman unit is no slouch either. I do believe the Noctua unit is the quieter among the two. So obviously, it comes out the winner here. Now what are you going to cool with it? And are you sure it fits your case? Its a huge cooler.
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  10. It does fit my Haf 912(Not Plus) and i dont got tall ram.. My ram are one of these of the Genesis(Look exactly alike):
  11. Good selection then. Enjoy the Noctua performance. I hope your processor does not catch any cold!!
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