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Hello. I have a Biostar motherboard and I want to enable AHCI on it to increase my SSD performance but I can't find it in the bios. Does it Support AHCI? Please help and thank you.

Biostar N68S3B
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  1. It will be somewhere in the IDE Configuration section. If all you see is "native ide" in the sata options, then you don't have achi. Some amd boards are setup like this; trim support is not listed for amd, unless microsoft has updated windows 7 for it. Native ide is about the same speed as achi.
  2. The manual doesn't mention AHCI?
  3. No. You can download it and see for yourself:
  4. I was talking to the OP, why would I download his manual??
  5. You're right about that. But some of my biostar boards only come with a simple start up guide. Didn't even get a manual with my last board.
  6. I stay away from biostar, foxconn and ecs.
  7. Not me. If you want service issues, stick with gigabyte or asus. I had no serious service problems with the low end biostar, ecs, or foxconn. Just follow their form procedures for tech support or rma. Ecs and foxconn were the only manufacturer's that bothered to email me a new custom bios to fix my problems.
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