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I'm planning to run a Super Mega with 2 ultra kaze's as my HSF and wondering if that will stick out over my RAM? the RAM im using is g skill 2133mhz 17000 8gb(4x2) kit with a g skill ram cooler over it.

I'd also considered the Noctua d14 that alot of people recommend but it looked like it would have even more clearance issues and the fan colours are ulgy.
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  1. Dude?! I can't believe you don't like beige and brown fans!? Just kidding.

    The only time I'd ever recommend one of the Corsair H50/60/70 options, is precisely this type of situation because they won't block any RAM slots. They really aren't made for huge OCs though.
  2. Hmm i didn't really consider those mainly because i'm used to just having a standard HSF setup. I guess I'll go check some reviews see if it's comparable cooling solution.

    On a side note whats with the spam? Begone pest.

    Spam was gone before i posted lol
  3. What about this (Corsair Hydro H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler) for serious OC ? Anybody seen any reviews yet ?
  4. I own a corsair h50, and have it set up in a push / pull config. I love it. been using it over a year, and got it before the h70 existed or i would have opted for that one (thicker radiator). I lapped it to, along with the chip. It does well with mid-level oc's. i have the q6600 at 1.45v and max temp is 60-61c with ambient pretty stable at 21-22c. I'd also look at antec's version. it comes with software for monitoring everything. shop around.
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