Need input on a GPU

Is this card a good buy? It is about $40-$50 cheaper than most GTX 460 on Newegg that does not have SE in the description.

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  1. absolutely! i think it's a great buy! you know, just to get an idea of how it'd perform, tomshardware has benchmarks on these gpu's in contrast to others
  2. It's a decent deal if you are willing to chance not having any warranty --- the card is an Nvidia reference card that they sell as their OEM brand so is not warrantied by Nvidia just by the reseller and in this case it looks to be a white box OEM version with no manufacturer behind it so the only warrranty is the sellers which they only seem to offer a 3 year warranty if you purchase it from a 3rd party for $25 (which then brings the cost up to the same or more than those offered by Newegg !!) -- personally I'd pass and get one with a reputable company behind it but it's up to you.
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