3x 5870 eyefinity edition's

I am buying the corsair 1200x power supply and gigabyte ga-890-fxa-ud5 and two more sapphire 5870 eyefinity edition's, is it possible to run them in triple crossfire? or trifire?

Also, would a phenom II x4 955 BE at 3.8ghz be a bottleneck with three of those cards?
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  1. yep, you can do triple crossfirex with those cards. that cpu is ok at that clocks, you shouldn't have any problems unless you keep lower clocks on memory.
  2. You can run them in trifire but I am concerned about going with AMD on this build. I don't think 3.8ghz would be enough to keep them from bottlenecking at 1920x1200 res or below. Maybe at 2560x1600 or if you are going to use three or more monitors in eyefinity the bottleneck would move to the video cards.

    Try to get that processor as far above 4ghz as possible or better yet if you haven't bought your motherboard yet you might want to change over to Intel and Sandybridge processors. They get to 4.5ghz and above pretty regularly from all the reviews I have read.
  3. crossfire is fine. either that or sell the 5880 and buy 2 6950's they get extremely good scaling at high res like eyfinity make sure you get the 2 Gig models.

    In some games the 2 6950's will out perform the 2 5870's
  4. My freind has two brand new ones that he couldnt use since he got a DOA 990x processor so hes selling them to me for $150 each, i currently have 1 Hd 5870 eyefinnity 6 edition. i run it at 5760x1080. i have a AMD phenom II x4 955 @ 4.0ghz right now with a biostar ta890fxe. i could easily go to sandy bridge if i needed to, i havent bought the other motherboard yet, if i was to go to sandy bridge, could someone recommend a motherboard and cpu that preferably wont break the bank? and has the ability to have trifire?

    Current system
    AMD phenom II x4 955 @ 4.0ghz
    4gb DDR3 1600 patriot g series sector 5
    Biostar TA890FXE Motherboard
    Sapphire Hd 5870 2gb Eyefinity 6 edition
    Rosewill 750w extreme series psu
    1TB western digital black edition
    250gb seagate barracuda (running SRCDS)
    32gb Corsair V32 SSD

    Intel Sandy bridge Processor
    Intel 1155 socket motherboard capable of trifire
    Corsair 1200x power supply
    3x Sapphire HD 5870 2gb Eyefinity 6 edition
  5. I looked at all the three slot (pcie) motherboards at newegg and I don't like how the bottom slot blocks all of the different ports along the bottom of the board if you use a card with a double slot cooler. I would go up to a 4 slot (pcie) motherboard.

    I like the layout of the Asus P8P67 WS Revolution motherboard.

    As for the cpu I would have to have the 2600k. I know most people will say that the 2500k is all that you need but if you are going to spend that much money what's another $100 dollars between you and the egg? Also you would have the top of the line processor in that series. We all use our computers for more than just gaming and some of those extra features may come in handy!
  6. I looked up your present motherboard and you can run x-fire on it. At that high res (5760x1080) a second card in x-fire should really be a huge improvement in fps. I wouldn't think that the cpu would be a bottleneck at that res.

    I would buy one card and see how it scales before I would do a new Sandybridge build.
  7. so i should just do 2 cards over 3?
  8. At least try it! I mean you can always do the trifire build if the performance improvement doesn't meet your expectations.
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