Want to overclock pentium dual core e2140 1.6ghz

i want to overclock my processor to 2.4ghz im not having any other cooling methods except a stock cooling can i overclock the processor im having gigabyte 945gzm-s2 mobo if i can overclock in a secure way tell me the way how to overclock my processor ..if i have to overclock in bios tell me how to do it or if i want to use software tell me how to use it
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  1. Sorry from researching on web
    that motherboard does not support overclocking
    for example there is this thread on another forum

    and there were more posts where that board just doesnt support overclocking

    I hope I am wrong but it looks like it doesnt overclock
  2. i was using pentium d 940 3,ppghz processor if i change to this dual core processor i doubt whether it will give a better performance than pentium d is it right or wrong
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    the E2140 is faster than the Pentium D 3.0
    look at this benchmark

    E2140 - 904
    Pentium D 3.0 - 813
  4. Quote:
    you can use gigabytes easytune5 software to overclock, its supported by your mobo too:

    see how far you can get with that. you might want an aftermarket cooler to get further (keep your temps down).

    ^+1 Nice Job
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