[Aspire L100] Can't upgrade BIOS


The Aspire L100 (Mobo = Acer FC51PVG, BIOS = Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 12/28/2006) refuses to boot off a USB keydrive.

I've tried three different keydrives, to no avail: The USB ZIP/FDD/CDROM is ignored, and the host starts from the hard-disk.

So I downloaded what seems to be the latest BIOS for the Aspire L100 (BIOS for MB 3.3 BIOS_R03-B0.zip_R03-B0_A_A.zip), unzipped, and ran WinFlash.exe as admin with the 735A1P07.BIN file, but get this error: "Please load the correct BIOS file!".

Does it mean this host simply can't boot off a USB keydrive?

Thank you.
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  1. Is the USB drive formated @ FAT32?
  2. Thanks for the help.

    Yes it is. On XP, I right-clicked on the USB drive letter > Format > Quick Format before using an application to build a bootable Linux keydrive.

    At boot time, I tried USB FDD, ZIP, CDROM successively, to no avail.

    Is this really the latest BIOS for that desktop?

    System BIOS version 6.00 PG
    SMBIOS version 2.4
    System BIOS ID R02-A3 12/28/2006
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