Achieveing multiple audio outputs for multiple monitors

Right now I have a 32'vizio TV and a 2009m hp Monitor. I would like to have these two displays have there own audio outputs for example so I play videos on the TV and play games and such on the monitor or vice versa.
Here is my PC build:
Graphics Card
8gigs installed memory:
1 4GB rip-jaw, 2 2GB rip-jaw RAM
HD: one is a 500 something drive that is for my windows along with games.Don't have a link for it.
OS: Windows 7 home premium 64bit
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  1. You can only choose one default device for sound playback. You could split the sound to multiple devices, but only one playback source is available at a time.
  2. So there is no software that can make this possible to have more than one audio output? I am willing to try and make an effort despite how difficult this process might be.
  3. You can actually have more than one output device but it will only work if the specific software/game allows you to select the output device, otherwise it will use the windows default device.
  4. So for certain games this can be achieved and allow my TV to stream videos separate from my other desired output. Though that's a way for me to have multiple output devices would there be any other way to achieve this? I am having a hard time with the fact that multiple audio outputs aren't very mainstream but multiple displays are out there.
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