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ASRock 770 Extreme3 and BD?

ASRock now has a Beta Bios for this board. Has anyone tried to install a BD?

Is it stable? I may just go i5/Z68 and forget about it anyway. But it may be worth a try to upgrade to 8120 if it will work.

Thanks, AlderonnX
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  1. The beta lists "L1.91 for Update CPU code to support AM3+ CPU." Where did you get "BD"? Ref -

    'My thoughts' are normally I only recommend 970~990FX chipsets for the FX CPUs so folks can obtain the optimal performance. Your MOBO can support up to a 140W CPU, so if the beta BIOS includes support for the FX-8120 then it should work.

    Problem, the ASRock 770 Extreme3 isn't a stellar MOBO to start out with and so besides it 'running' the FX-8120 @ stock my deeper concerns are OC'ing a very OC'able CPU...

    General reasons for updating a BIOS, this falls under (#1) reason:

    In short, if you have no problems then my best advice is NOT to flash.

    Examples 'when to flash':
    1. CPU requires newer BIOS version
    2. Non-OS Instability
    3. Peripherals e.g. 2TB HDD requires new BIOS.
    4. Memory compatibility ; where current RAM is causing errors or stability
  2. Everything is stable at it current state.. And yes your right, 770 EX3 is kinda a "meh" board. No xfire, and no real upgrade path at this point.

    I think i will just stick to modding my case until i bite the bullet and upgrade in a big way.
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    IMO, if your current system does what you need it to do then I see little reason to upgrade. Now, if you're a hardcore gamer, do sizable and complex rendering, CAD, or similar intensive work then sure I 'get it' and recommend that you go for it...

    Further, if there's no immediate need then wait and see what the Ivy Bridge does and compare prices, but from what I know the prices 'should' remain on par to the current Sandy Bridge. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike AMD but they really messed-up and oddly for me to say even just for the money to performance the Intel is the better upgrade path. Normally, I would be saying AMD $ to Performance.

    Once IB comes out give it at least 2+ months for early adopters to get the bugs worked out. Intel ain't perfect either...
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