Antec eco 520c, Can this PSU handle HD 6950 2gb or 5870... more??

Dear helper community,
I would like to upgrade my graphic card sometime this year, I have the Antec Eco 520W
for what I have read its a pretty decent PSU, I have check a few calculators online about Watts needed for my possibilities, but they show different results, If possible I'd like to go with the highest Radeon HD Possible for this PSU according to, My overclock CPU uses ~105W but if anything I would stock it back to 95W to get a better Graphic card... I was thinking these options... In order of preference:
1) Radeon HD 6950 preferably the 2GB or the 1GB
2) Radeon HD 5870
I am not really a fan of Nvidia, due to the price/performance but I would not mind trying them.
Any suggestions on those specifics or any others?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yep single no CF no issues ^^
  2. Any other suggestions besides that I am not planning to CF. Thanks
  3. What case u on? Consider hitting some nice after market case fans for better ventilation perhaps?
  4. Ventilation is decent I would say, Have the Cooler master 310, Front 120mm fan, Double fan In hyper 212+ 2000rpm , also an Antec 3 speed 92mm fan on the side directly on the graphic card site, as well as another 120mm in the back of the case, all of them from 50-67cfm's. Overall a positive pressure in the case.
  5. But any personal suggestions for a very nice graphics card that the PSU can handle... your expertise is appreciated.
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    Actually between the 2 the HD 6950 is a tad more efficient but if u could find HD 5870s with basement bargain prices thats a very viable option - more so since u not planning to CF hehe
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  8. and you can flash the 6950 to a 6970 unlocking more performance.
  9. Yep that would be the bonus and icing on the cake hehe Happy shopping and cheers ^^
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