My gtx8800 keeps freezing pc then going to a black screen

hello i have a NVidia e-geforce8800 gtx graphics card and its started getting black squires like a checkers pattern on the screen and then goes to a black screen then i have restart then it does it again what is wrong with it and what can be done thanks Craig add meon msn
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  1. Test it in another computer. If it does the same thing, it is time to replace it.
  2. i have but does the same no way of fixing them
  3. Make sure your card isn't overheating. Use GPU-Z and check if your card is going over 90 degrees. Also, try System Restoring your system back to a time before this issue happened. If you overclocked, and cannot get your system to work, a System Restore is a good fix. Try vacuuming your graphics card (it helped for me).
  4. it runs at 55 and wudant let me reinstall windows untill i recived it and its nt dusty thanks
  5. removed it
  6. If it does it in another computer, like you said it does. It is probably time the replace it. Especially since it doesn't sound like it is overheating and it is not dusty.

    Before you do that however, please try and download the newest drivers for that video card. Tell us what happens.
  7. still doesit
  8. Only other thing perhaps to consider would be to bake it.
  9. This is common for G80 cards to fail in this manor. Usually the result of micro fractures of the bonding for the gpu and the vram. Baking your card may be the best way to fix this issue as the last resort. Pre heat the oven to 385 F and bake the card for 10min but allow the card to cool for at least an hour before reapplying the cooler and using the card.
  10. well all Nvidia's from 8000 up.

    My Gx2 died the death yesterday and got tanned in the oven today.

    And yes it works, though get full details off someone who's done it if you decide to give it a shot.
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