Steelseries Xai mouse + Asus P8Z68-V Pro Gen3

Anyone with a Steelseries Xai mouse + Asus P8Z68-V Pro Gen3 motherboard that has issues? My mouse delays initialization of all connected usb periphals on the same hub for about 5 seconds after the Win7 desktop appears, including the mouse itself. Connecting the mouse to a different hub as only periphal still results in a 5 second delay for the mouse.

I've already contacted Steelseries support, but I was just wondering if people with the same mouse and motherboard experience a similar issue. Note that you will probably only notice this if you have a fast SSD.
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  1. I have similar/same case. Same mobo, fast cpu, ssd, 16g mem.
    You just propably don't have any password at windows startup.
    I have 15 - 30s delay before i can write password and it only happens when xai is connected.

    I allso contacted support and they sayd i should RMA... :sarcastic:
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