HTPC - Dual Atom or Dual Celeron?

Trying to decide which barebones system I want to buy to build up an inexpensive HTPC. Main goals: Hulu, Netflix, etc., maybe some very light weight family gaming like seek n find stuff.

I found a post or two round the net stating a dual Celeron will blow away a dual Atom in terms of performance. And that the main benefit of Atom is low power consumption.

I'm leaning towards dual Celeron barebones needing OS, HD, Memory; but I can buy a dual Atom only needing the OS for a few dollars more.

Help a sista out!
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  1. Celeron is much more powerful then an Atom, but I do say both will do what you want it to do. Just dont expect the Atom to blast through things.
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    Besides atom and celeron, there's also the new AMD Fusion (Zacate) options (link). The CPU is a little bit faster than atom, but the graphics are much better than the ion setups.

    Another option to consider is a Celeron SU2300 setup. More powerful CPU than Zacate or Atom, but still very low power. There isn't much of a selection though. Only one board on newegg (link)

    And then there's the new i3 Sandy Bridge processors. Pair one up with an H67 motherboard and you'll have quite a little powerhouse.

    The above options are for a DIY build-it-yourself kind of setup. You may also want to consider a barebones HTPC like the Zotac Zbox. Here's one that includes everything, except the OS: Zotac ZBOX-AD03BR-PLUS-U

    ASRock also sells similar mini-HTPC barebones systems (link).

    It all depends on your budget, I guess.
  3. Thanks guys! I had narrowed it down to the Zotac with the Celeron SU2300 Ion set up. Then I found a video review online about a new Zotac with the AMD and Radeon 6310, similar to the set up twpritchett just recommended. I think I'm going to get the barebones system since I won't need the hard drive, memory, OS or the Blu-Ray.

    Thanks for confirming that the Celeron was better than the Atom. If I can't find the Zotac AMD soon then I'll end up with the Zotac Celeron for sure.

    I am very excited to get this project rolling!
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