GTS 450 sli vs. GTX 295


I realize it's comparing apples and oranges, but I'm curious as to the board's thoughts on going with a GTX 295 vs. 2 GTS 450s SuperClocked in sli.

It appears that the 295 still has the higher 3DMark scores in DX10, but the 450s obviously provide DX11 and faster clocks (at the expense of fewer cores).

Monitor is 1680x1050.

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  1. Neither, GTS 450s look to go for about 125, so thats about $250 for a pair of them. Im not sure where you are getting a GTX 295 for that cheap, i cant find any on newegg at all right now. For $250 i would rather get something like a 6950, or if you can go up slightly higher a GTX 570 or a 6970 so you dont have to deal with SLI and some games not using it.
  2. Thanks Hunter.

    I should have provided more info...I have an existing 295 that I've pulled b/c I upgraded to a pair of 570s. Therefore, no worries about acquiring the 295

    The 450s are on sale at newegg for about $110 each b/f rebate, so I'm looking at about $200 out-of-pocket. I figure the sale of the 295 would cover that, and probably leave me a buck or two left over.

    So basically, the question boils down to keeping my current "pulled" 295 or getting a pair of 450s in sli in order to utilize DX11.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. I would stick with the GTX 295 then, no point in spending money for only a slight upgrade when you already have a very capable DX 10 card. Now unless there are multiple DX 11 games you want to play that look significantly better in DX 11 than DX 10 i would hold onto your GTX 295 for a while and move up to a single significantly stronger card in the future.
  4. Thx
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