Bottleneck question

specs of the computer:
Asus Maximus III formula -motherboard
i7-860 2.80GHz
ADATA XPG™ Gaming Series DDR3 DRAM// (DDR3-1600G PC3-12800 4GB*2 CL9-9-9-24 )x2 so 8gb of ram alltogether (dualchannels)
2x HD5750
700W cougar
windows 7 64bit
I have not overclocked anything..
so Upgrades i am about to buy/do:
Mugen 2 rev B CPU-cooler and overclock the prosessor to 3.40+?
new graphic card either 560ti or 570gtx or 580gtx (so it will run on 1 graphic card)
and computer is for gaming...
so my questions are:
till what GHz i can overclock my i7-860 for it to run stable?
and wich of above graphic card should i get so i won't be bottlenecked on anything...
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  1. Naturally, the 580. at $430-ish, is the best performer of the 3 cards listed....; as to wether it is worth $120 more than the 570 (about $320-ish) is debateable.

    CPU overclocking results vary, but, many folks get assorted i7 920/930/950 cpus to 4.0 Ghz pretty regularly, but most opt for some sort of aftermarket heat pipe/sink for better cooling over stock....
  2. since you have crossfire, a pair of 6950's would be good.

    The 5750's should overclock well too. It's still 1440 shaders or about a single 6870 or 5850. I doubt the 560ti is faster.
  3. i will not overclock the graphic card only i7 and i want a single card no sLI neither crossfirex so :D i guess 580 is for me ... so.. will any components be bottlenecked by others? if i'd buy 580
  4. The 580 is the fastest card, but like the former 480 it runs pretty hot and draws alot of power. The 570 and hd-6950 are the compromise cards, still pretty fast, but more reasonable levels of heat and power draw. The 6970 is also known to run hotter too. The 590 and 6990 are just insane.
    Both the 580 and 6970 kick out lots of heat.

    Go for the second fastest card they are usually the best.

    The cpu is ok for the 580, it's mostly the 580 is a huge card. The 580 and 480 are nicknamed the "fermi furnace" since many claim it makes their room hot.
  5. thank you for reply!!! that was exactly what i wanted to hear :) thank a lot
  6. Please check out the wattage draws, temps,noise and fps in tom's 3d charts too so your decision is based on facts.
  7. checked! thanks... BTW will i need a Bigger(850-1000W) power supply for this setup..? assume CPU is oc'd at 3.85GHz
  8. The cards use mostly 12volt rail power. Mostly the bigger the power supply the bigger the 12volt rail or rails if it has more than one.

    The 570 should work. The 580 might work, but they are known to be picky on how much the 12volt rails put out. You would just have to try it and see if it passes the benchmarks without crashing.

    It looks like its a sli/physx board with 2 sli slots and one 4x pcie slot for a smaller physx card. If you want to run sli and a physx card then you need a 1200 watt.

    once you go overboard the cost skyrockets.

    Here is my suggestion, keep your 700 watt. Get the 560ti, if you want to run sli later you can buy a second card and a better power supply and maybe a used gt-260 or something for physx. a decent brand 1000watt or even a 1200 watt will be needed here.
    EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1567-KR GeForce GTX 560 Ti 900MHz OC + Dual Fan Design $239.99 ($219.99 after mail in rebate)
    "500 Watt or greater power supply recommended" So the 700 watt should be fine. They include the cpu/system power in with that 500 watt requirement too.

    Then sell the 5750 cards to help pay for the 560ti.
  9. Whats the A (amperage) on the 12 v rail(s) of your psu??
  10. But no there should be no bottleneck. Also keep your psu and you should be able to get a 560ti or 570. Even maybe a 580, but don't expect to sli it with less than 1000watts
    Hope this helps :)
  11. i have no idea where i can find that information..
  12. oh thanks ok..
  13. Well the no bottleneck part I just know, but overclocking your CPU will increase performance but you don't need to. And your power, people run580's on 700 watts, but 570 can be run on 600 watts and less. Also if you are not sure go to to calculate your power requirements. Even if you don't overclock you won't have a bottleneck with a single card, even with 2 560ti. For now worry about card to getting a GPU. Stick with your current psu if it can provide the700 watts. Leave your CPU as it is and get a 570 and you won't have to change your psu, even with a 580. The extra performance from that overclock would be a few fps, if you plan to add another card later you can get a bigger psu and overclock your psu.

    Hope this clarifies everything :)
  14. oh ok...thanks everyone for replys :) i'm a bit wiser now but there's another problem... guess i will wait till gtx 600 series or till 580 price drops since i think 600 series will be out in the end of the year or begging of 2012.. :D its not that long time to wait for :D
  15. Aha playin' the olde waiting game I see!

    Well good luck
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