I7 does not work on asus p7p55-m?

I have problems installing intel i7 cpu" on my pc - it works fine with i5.
I have updated bios.

My system:

Win 7 64
Motherboard: Asus P7P55-M
Grafic: Asus ENGTS450

4 gb ram

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  1. You have a problem physically installing it? You mean it doesn't fit in the socket?

    Is it a s1156 i7?
  2. No physically problem, the pc simply don't start and I see the message "no HDMI1 selected" on the screen.And it doesn't work if I try to select another HDMI, DVI either.
    The cpu is i7 850
    The socket is s1156 and it fit the socket.
  3. Your motherboards cpu support list doesn't mention i7-850 as being compatible. It does show i7-860 though so sounds like you need to update the bios with the old cpu before installing the new cpu.

  4. hmmm....didn't check the support list eh?
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