Upgrade to GTX570?

Hello, I am looking to maybe upgrade my video card to a EVGA GTX 570.

I currently have a :

Intel core 2 quad q9550 2.83ghz
socket 775 lga
dell opp150 motherboard 1333 fsb
dell 750 psu
4 gb corsair dominator ddr2 dual channel ram
nvidia geforce gtx 280 video card
windows 7 home premium

I am wondering if this GTX 570 will work and boost performance or if I can or should look at other spots in my system to improve. Specifics are helpfull as I am new to all of this. I mostly play games on this machine like DCUO and RIFT. Thank you for any help
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  1. Yes it'll be a nice upgrade. You might also consider 8 gigs of RAM (or even 6 gigs with two 1gb sticks) to allow Windows to store more info on the RAM and less in file paging, which will help speed up everything. Also an SSD for the OS is a very good upgrade for overal system speedyness. You won't see much difference in games unless you put them on the SSD, in which case load times will be dramatically reduced. You could also look at a new motherboard to overclock with, but keep the rest the same. Also I don't know what OS you use, but Windows 7 64bit would be a great upgrade of XP. If you have Vista 64 then it's not a big upgrade.

    A word of caution, you might have to upgrade your PSU for the 570.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I edited my post to reflect more info.

    Any suggestions on ram?
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