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Help me find a monitor guys

Ok few questions, why isn't there a "monitor" or "displays" sub-category?

Anyway, I need a guest monitor, but the problem is I really need a guest TV and a guest monitor. My friend's usually "BYO" and this last time it scuffed up my friends monitor and I felt bad.

I was wondering if you guys could help me find a monitor/TV that is relatively cheap, and has at least one of each of these....

DVI input
HDMI input
HD component cable input (I think that’s what they are called, I'm not even sure)

The only one I found is this, and yeah its pretty much exactly what I'm looking for except it has RGB instead of DVI and it’s a little over what I want to spend.
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  2. oh.... well they should remove "& displays" from this section, haha. Thanks I'll go over there :D
  3. what's your budget anyway, we can still try to find somethign that'll work
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