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Hello guys,

I have a question that i need some help with. I'm planning on upgrading my rig. I have an AMD phenom ii x4 840, Geforce 8800GTS 512, 2GB DDR2 memory.

I'm torn between two diffrent builds. My first choice is, Core i5 2500k, 8GB DDR3, MSI H61M-P21 (I know it's a crap board lol), keep my 8800GTS 512.

The second choice is, Keep my Phenom ii X4 840, 8GB DDR3, Asus M5A78L-m LX (again i know crap board lol), XFX radeon 6950 1GB 5GHZ.

So here is where my questions come in. If i go with the first choice would my graphics card be holding me back?, i'm a huge PC gamer titles like, BFBC2, Black Ops, Homefront, Fallout NV, Battlefield 3 (when released).

If i go with the second choice, would my CPU beholding me back? i know it's a lower-end Quad-Core.

I'm looking to know what my best option would be out of the two choices i have provided, i would be open to some suggestions.

I'm looking to buy parts tomorrow or Tuesday.
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  1. Your CPU should handle the GPU upgrade, overclocking it to reduce any potential bottlenecks is as well an option.
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    Drop from 8gb of RAMs to 4gb of RAMs --- put the cash toward your motherboard.

    Snag an HD6870 -- it pretty much slobber-knocks your 8800gts -- and one of these motherboards.

    That's in the $380 range with 4GB RAMs -- extra cash can go toward an after-market cooler.

    If you move to Intel there is no reason to buy the 2500k with an H61 MB -- either buy a motherboard which will allow the use of the unlocked multiplier --- or purchase a 'locked' CPU.
  3. Thanks wisecracker, that answer was very helpfull.
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  5. I just have one more question. I'm going to choose the GIGABYTE GA-990XA-UD3 motherboard and the Radeon HD 6870 1GB graphics card, i'm just wondering what you would recommend for memory, what speed? and what brand do you recommend?
  6. This G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1333 kit is $39 and it's on the 990XA-UD3 QVL list.

    There are several reasons I selected these. The kit is also on the Asus QVL, and Asus not only has qualified for AM3, but AM3+. I'm guessing that means the RAMs were also qualified with Bulldozer engineering samples.

    Your PhII 840 Propus has a stock 1333MHz integrated memory controller. If your were so inclined, you could select higher speed 'qualified' RAMs at 1600 or even 1866. I point this out because the stock speed of the Bulldozer integrated memory controller will be 1866MHz, so if you wanted to 'go there' you will need to carefully read the QVL lists to find the kits which may work best for you now, and in the future.

    Here's the deal: Desktop rigs are not really starved by memory. For typical uses it just does not matter, and there are tweaks that can be done to increase memory bandwidth and reduce latency, anyway.

    Here's the deal, Part Deux: The GSkill 1333 kit is $40 and 'assumed' to be BD-compliant. When the time comes to upgrade in a year or so, nobody knows what the tech landscape will look like. By that time, a 2x4GB kit of DDR3 1866/2000 may be $60 ... or not - LOL

    The second reason I went with 1333 is because of the way the AMD memory dividers work. When over-clocking, the 'sweet spot' with 1333 is 250MHz. It works like this:

    Stock 1333Mhz RAMs are 200MHz (stock system clock) X 6.67 (memory divider). When you crank the system clock to 250MHz, all you have to do to keep your memory in spec is drop the memory to the 1066MHz setting ...

    250MHz X 5.33 = 1333MHz

    Slick, ain't it? :lol:
  7. Thanks for all the help guys :) wisecracker you read my mind i was looking at that memory :p

    Thanks again guys it made my decision and my rig better :p
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