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I have a km400-m2 mobo with a clear usb modem attached. I am trying use ICS to connect that through my router to other computers wirelessly, but my LAN/ethernet cable, though plugged in with lights showing power, is not recognized in device manager. The WIMAX shows up, but there is no ethernet/LAN. I have tried using uniblue driver scan 2011, but it did not find anything to update. Any ideas? Is the LAN blocked on this mobo?
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  1. Have you installed the LAN drivers?

    Check which motherboard version you have:
    1.0 driver
    3.0 driver
  2. ok, so I downloaded the file, but how do I install the driver? I have tried this b4 but I keep hitting a dead end here.
  3. You have to extract the file (with something like winrar)
    Save it to somewhere on your hard drive (Desktop is easiest to find)

    - Go to where you save it and find a folder that says VIA823x_40 and open it
    Then open the second file which might be different for you but since i am Using windows 7, it says vista for me
    -Then depending on if you have 32bit (open the X86 sub-folder) or 64bit (open the X64 sub-folder) operating system
    -double click the file that has "setup" in it

    If you don't know what version you have then:
    -go to start menu (windows key)
    open "run"
    type "dxdiag" press enter
    look at the list next to "operating system:"

    If the first set of instructions are too complicated, then just tell me your operating system and if it is 32bit or 64bit and i'll upload the specific folder.
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