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I am going to be building my first "gaming pc" soon and I would like to get an idea of what kind of card(s) I would need to run games such as Crysis and Metro 2033 on 3 1080p screens with the settings maxed, except for anti aliasing. Thanks in advance for your help everyone.
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  1. I would say a minimum HD6970 or GTX570 or a step lower cards in Crossfire or SLI.
  2. A GTX 570/ HD 6970 can barely run those games on max settings in 1080p, let alone 3 times that. Furthermore, you'd need an SLI setup from nVidia to even do 3 screens, but to get that performance, you'd need a pretty bamf SLI setup to get those settings. A GTX 580 runs Metro 2033 at ~full framerate at 2560x1600 with no AA, but 3x1080p monitors are 1.5 times as many pixels as that, so you'd probably need a pair of 570s or better
  3. Would two 6950s unlocked into 6970s do the job and keep the average FPS on Metro 2033 in the 30s? Occasional drops into the 20s would be acceptable if I was playing at that resolution. I know that 3 6970s can run Crysis Warhead on 3 monitors with an average FPS in the mid 40s if that helps. I figure 2 could keep it in the 30s for the most part comparatively.
  4. It's really hard to find any sort of benchmarks for that kind of thing, and I don't have any direct experience with the newest cards, but if you say you don't care about AA, and you only need 30 fps (I can't stand anything that's not close to 60), then from what I have seen 2 x 6970s should handle that.
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