Pc not starting tried almost everything

Ok so this is my first build so I didn't expect it to smoothly but i didn't expect to get so frustrated. I installed my motherboard PSU etc in my case connected all the wires and was set to go tried to power up nothing. I though maybe I wired something and I did forget to plug in the 8 pin CPU cable but still no power up. After trying lots of other things I decided to take my mobo out of the case and try to run it outside the case, connected power cables and one ram stick but still nothing only the power and reset buttons on the mobo light up. I checked my power supply and found out it wasn't fault.

I have read threads with similar problems online but have not been able to fix this problem and would appreciate help.

i7 2600K
Asus p8z68 v pro gen3
Corsair H80 cooler
Corsair vengeance 8gb dual channel ram
Corsair gaming series 800W PSU
Western digital caviar black 1tb HDD
OCZ vertex 3 60gb SSD
thermaltake overseer RXi case
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  1. The only thing to do is to check your wiring again. Have someone who has built PCs before check it. Maybe try another power supply.

    Did you also check to make sure the power supply is set to 110v?
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