My PC freeze when playing any video games !

my problem is that since my pc have been rebooted, I got really hard time to play video game without having to pushing the reset button and it does this at random time ! sometime I can play for hour without trouble and at some other time I can push the reset button once every 5 or 10 minutes ! I called the guys who rebooted my pc to have them fix the problem, but my pc haven't done anything wrong when they tested it (but they only tested games for 1 hour). Before the reboot, I was playing game over and over without problem. Maybe its a coincidence that I got problem just after I got it rebooted, but still I'm forced to play only when my pc want it ! for information I got windows XP and I freeze no matter if its a online or offline game ! thx for any advice !
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  1. What are the specs of your pc. Need to know more then just the OS.
  2. Define "reboot"? From whats described, it sounds like "somebody" did "something" to your computer, like reinstall the OS? We need a LOT more detail. If they reloaded the OS without the proper graphics driver reloaded for example, that can be the problem. Or, if they changed the power supply for a lower rated one, that could be causing issues as well. Is this "somebody" an expert? Did a proper repair center do this test? Because by NO means is running a game for an hour a proper diagnostic. Diagnostics in a proper repair center involve stress tests that help detect failures in hardware. Running a game for an hour is a pretty useless test. There are a lot of pretend experts out there. But since this somebody did something to your computer, it could be a wide variety of things. Did they replace the RAM? Sometimes bad RAM can cause random Blue Screens of Death. Are they Blue Screens of Death or just random freezes? Did this so called expert possibly reinstall the OS on an already FAILING hard drive? Reinstalling an OS on a failed hard drive is not the solution if that's the case also. We need more to go on. Or, bring it in to someone like Geek Squad, Staples, Office Depot, etc. that can run a proper diagnostic. Without more information, we are of little use.
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