SC2 and 5830, still can't figure out why flickering... video included

It has been a month since I bought this card.
I still couldn't figure out why.
Currently using Catalyst 11.1 but tried pervious 3 versions and results were the same.
Not overclocked.
Stress tested with Furmark and 3dMark 11 and everything seemed fine.
75C when fully loaded.
Idle temp is at around 30C
What else can I try?
It happens every time at the same spot!
Does anyone else with HD 58xx card experience the same thing?
Any suggestions is appreciated.

video link to youtube
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  1. Does this happen in any other games?
  2. I watched your video and it looked like there was maybe a window open under the game. Did you have anything open when you started the game?
  3. I only tried in Quakelive, SC2 and Call of Duty 4. I didn't notice any black spots in those games. However, the pace is those games much faster and I could have missed it? This is very annoying. It is a driver or coding issue, I will be very surprised that I am the only one experiencing this because 58xx is a popular card while SC2 is a popular game.

    I do have other applications running in the background, but I tried running it alone and it didn't make a difference.

    Another example
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