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Ok, so I have a MSI 890FXA-GD70 motherboard. When I hit the power button it will begin to power up, but then will just shut down. The LEDs for the ram come on and show they are in phase II. I do not get any audible beeps. All the fans start. I also have remove all additional hardware not needed to run my comp. my motherboard does not post either, does this mean my MB is bad? Thanks for the help.

Before it shut down I was running 8 GB DDR 3 2000 corsair ram, 2 5770 AMD cards with cross fire, WD Velociraptor HDD, 2100 Killer card and a 1090T AMD Black chipset.
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  1. If you breadboard it by setting it outside the case and connect just CPU/HSF, memory, PSU, a graphics card in the first slot connected to your monitor... and it doesn't allow you to enter BIOS, I'd say it's a good chance the board needs to be RMA'd. (don't forget to connect the PCIe power cable(s) to the card.)
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