Phenom II 940 + hd 6950

Hi there,

I have a phenom II 940 over clocked to 3.67ghz at 1.392v (204*18) will it be advisable to try and get it at any higher speeds? I have reached 3.8ghz but with my voltage maxed out. I also want to buy a hd 6950 within a couple of weeks. what do you guys think is there a processor upgrade required? I have a cooler master gladiator 600 case.

my specs:

Phenom II 940 @ 3.67ghz. (NB- 2.5ghz. HTT - 2ghz)
Gigabyte ga-ma790gp-ud4h mobo
Kingston 4gb ddr2 ram @ 816mhz
Corsair 550vx
HD 4850 @ 680/1150
OCZ vendetta 2 cpu cooler.
Samsung spinpoint 1tb hdd
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  1. upgrading to a i7 920 will give u a 5% upgrade accross the gaming benches for roughly $350 dollars. personally i cant justify that
  2. the i7 920 platform is anyway dead.. so my cpu is ok if i get a 6950 right?
  3. it is in terms of gaming ofcourse. the 6950 is gonna give u a more significant upgrade than say a 6790 + new cpu
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