What is more powerful? A desktop with intel core 2 quad q6600 2 4 ghz processor

I plan to buy a laptop, but I want to know if a laptop with an intel core i5 2.33 ghz processor (2nd generation) with 4gb RAM, 500 SATA HD can perform the same as a desktop pc with a core 2 Quad q6600 2.4ghz processor, 3 gb Ram when using 3d studio max ansd autocad software.
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  1. it helps to know the exact model number of hte laptop processor. since there is no i5 at 2.33, im guessing ur talking about i5-520M (2.4). once again there is no benchmark i can find solely on 3ds, but to get a qualitative idea,
    shows a decrease by 26%.
  2. Both 3DS and Autocad can make use of the extra cores of the quad and will perform better. Now a 980x would be about 3 times faster than the q6600 fwiw.
  3. The laptop with i5 will be better overall. However, I have Autocad on my laptop as well as desktop, and what I like is a large LCD display when I work with Autocad. Consider this as part of your decision criteria.

    Another important aspect is the speed. The computer (any) is faster than my designing speed in Autocad. The real designing is done in our brain, and then outputted to the computer. As a result, any computer running Autocad (or ProE) is fine with me.
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