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Hi my friends, i've a problem about my computer. When i try to turn on my desktop pc, it never works at first time. Actually i can't get this one short beep sound from the mainboard which indicates the booting up. So i turn it off and on again and again for several times. At some point, when i turn it on again, it amazingly works. There is the beep sound, and everything works perfect. So i dont turn my pc off all day long untill late night. But the day after, i again try to turn my pc on for 5-30 minutes. So what might be the problem? I suspect from mainboard, but PSU might also be in bad condition. But what i dont understand is if there is a problem in one of the hardware parts, how can it boots up or works after several times of trials?

I really got crazy... Please help me...
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  1. Have you tried changing the CMOS battery? If it's old and dying, you won't be able to boot if the BIOS loses its settings.
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