Contradicting benchmarks/reviews for GTX260 and ATI 4890 (Starcraft 2)

Hey folks,

Lurker Jung here, I've been on the forums a while but haven't really posted anything yet. Anyways, I'm writing this thread because I've been seeing benchmarks and reviews that TOTALLY contradict each other when it comes to the following graphics cards, and their performance in Starcraft 2:

1. GTX 260
2. ATI 4890

Now, to my understanding and googling around, I'm almost 200% certain that the 4890 is a superb overclocker that will almost match or beat performance of a STOCK GTX 285. This also means that the 4890 (even in it's stock form) will rape a GTX 260.

I can get a used GTX260 and a 4890 for around the same price where I live (around $95 US), but then I see a benchmark like the following:

And I see people posting things like the following, saying they went from a GTX 260 to a 4890 overclocked, to see virtually no FPS change:

This is my current RIG:
Q6600 @ 3.2GHz (stock voltage)
Powerstation 500Watt RMS PSU (Please note it's RMS, not total power)
Foxconn Mars mobo (P35)

My question:
I will be mainly playing Starcraft 2, and am really getting confused which graphics card to buy. There will be little to no price difference whether I get the GTX 260 or 4890, but I want around 40-50 *minimum* FPS in starcraft, playing at 1900x1200 on my 23" LCD, with "ultra" settings.

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  1. don't know where you got the information that the 4890 destroys the 260 but actually both of them are equal with the gtx 260 having physx

  2. Just found out, when you have two graphics cards both around the same performance, the Nvidia tends to output a MUCH higher FPS than the ATI counterpart. It seems like SC2 has been strongly optimized for Nvidia graphics cards, which is why my 9800GT was putting out such high FPS numbers.
  3. in my experirience i used to have a phenom 9500 with a ati 4850, starcraft was slow 15 fps when the map got crowed with fights and units. solution i got a core i5 750 i play some setting on ultra, some on high and it runs pretty smooth i am never behind 50 fps even on big battles the computer runs great even with that card. so just update the cpu, this game is CPU dependant
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