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I know its hard to speculate which is actually the best gpu money can buy..
Being that the 6990 isnt out yet, is that rumored to take the crown again ? whos its direct competitor form nvidia?im slightly confused..
been out of the loop for a bit
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  1. Just about any dual card setup will be a direct competitor of the 6990. Nvidia will have it's own dual-GPU card out some time in the near future as well. EVGA has already showed off their version of the dual-GPU Nvidia card, so even though there is little news, it is probably closer to release than we know.

    If you are looking for the best "GPU money can buy", that's easy, the GTX580, the full GF110.
  2. is the gtx 580 more powerful than the 5970?
  3. Isn't the ARES still the best card to buy? Do you mean single CARD or single core.

    The ARES, 5970, and GTX 580 are still the best right now, right? But the 6990 and 595 are coming out soon....

    The 5970, can perform better than a GTX 580 but it doesn't have stable performance like a GTX 580. E.G. Higher maximum FPS, but much lower minimum FPS in many benchmarks.
  4. im runing 2 5970's
    looking at single cards..

    just not sure if its worth the upgrade from 2 of them..
  5. In my opinion, keep what you have for a long time unless you get almost full value from selling them.
  6. I guess Im a sucker for having the best card money can buy..but if it means spending money for like 10% increase on 3rd and 1st person shooters, which is what I play mostly, it isnt worthit..
    from the sounds of it, seems that the 580 isnt all that much better than the 5970, seems like they are on par and its drivers that hold back the 5970..
  7. Usually, the issue with the HD5xxx series is the DirectX 11 tesselation performance. I'm not sure how the 5970 compares to the 580 in that regard, but it may the Achille's heal.

    Here's something:
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