Need help bringing down temps on AMD 965BE... screenshots...

Rather than try to say a bunch of stuff, here is a screen shot of all the software I read about on this forum with Prime95 running for about 10 minutes, and with Prime95 turned off. am worried that my heat is way too high both under 100%x4cores load and at idlex4cores. any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :(

965BE on Giga ma78lmt-s2
zalman cnps 5x, AS5 small pea on center of heat spreader
9800gt, 4gb 1333
lian li dragonlord. 120mm front, 90mm back. in front, out back. zalman pushes air out back as well.
2 WD caviar blue 7200, 1 pci wireless adapter.
ambient temp outside is 85F. not sure inside house. AC is OFF.
los angeles, CA
install is clean win7 64bit, all new hardware.

only changes I've made:
-reduce vcore to 1.375 in bios.

-HSF is screw-down type. was worried about overtorque, so did not screw until cannot go further. seemed tight "enough"... but perhaps not?
-will add 120mm intake fan in place of front 3 drive bays (unused) and 120mm on top outtake.
-case has clear path of intake and clear path of outtake.
-wish I was more experienced in manipulating voltage. I barely figured out how to lower vcore. not sure if i should lower other voltages like NB, etc.

first pic is of status under prime95 at the beginning of writing this, second is prime95 off, third is prime95 off and AC on for 30 minutes on high in sealed room.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    First off, is it your CPU that is overheating?

    What I would recommend is reseating the HSF. apply new thermal paste and make sure you tighten the screws to achieve decent cooling. if you cannot get it to cool lower, get a new HSF.

    I could give a recommendation on what cooling system would be great.
  2. would you please? i have been thinking of the hyper 212+.
  3. ^ Yes. That is what I was to recommend. I would also look for better fans for the 212+ though.
  4. +1 on Hyper 212+, your fan should be good enough to expel any hot air.

    What cpu temps are you hitting?

    Screw down h/s until hand tight and not extra force with a normal screw driver.
  5. Checks for temps and stability at 1.325v and 1.3375v
  6. cant really see the attachment... could you please write down the temps under load and idle. and get the voltages at load from cpu-z
  7. sry about the attachments, I screwed up.
    will try to redo them later.

    ambient is 85F outside, probably 89 inside.
    41C idle, 63C at 100%x4cores (prime95, coretemp).
    temp3 goes to 102C in SpeedFan, but may be an erroneous reading.

    have since tightened HSF down to where I would need to use strength to tighten screws further. am running at 1.375, will try to run at 1.3375v.

    have since ordered 140mm fan, will try to jury-rig a front case fan by zip-tying it into unused 5.25 bays. (the case drive bay covers are perforated grills and I should be able to replace them over the fan, thus acting sort of like an air filter/fan blade guard).

    will order Hyper 212+ as am now convinced Zalman CNPS5x will not cut it. it is barely better than stock. suggestions on 120mm fans? as HSF will be mounted vertically I think sleeve bearings will be ok? I definitely want a quiet system, though, and would be willing to pay a little more for less dB.

    thank you all!
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