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hi ,
i have problem i notice recently which is i have power supply OCZ 500 watt and suddnly it turn off by it self leading to shut the system down , the power supply has button on the back to turn it on/off but even though if the button is turned on the powerspply shut down and i have to press the button to off and back to on again but i get no response so i try that 10 times and in the end it turn on (i know it turn on by the led light on the button ) and today it happended again but these time i switch the button to off and let it cool down because the power supply was hot (i have hot weather in where i live )

so could the power supply do that because of the heat or ....

i have it almost 2 years now and i did'nt have these problem before but i use my pc alot of time so could the powersupply tired of that and is about to die or what !!!

My system is

cpu amd 955 x4 @3.7GH
2x2G ram DDR2 kingston stock speed
GA-770-ud3 rev 2.0
HD 4870 1G card stock speed

NOTICE : some time when i turn on the pc , i get all the system work expect that the monitor not show me any thing in other way the case work but i get nothing on my screen just like it turned off expect the the button of the monitor is turned on so i restart and every thing go back to normal
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  1. I would say it's your OCZ power supply. I've never considered OCZ PSUs to be reliable so I've never recommended them to anyone.
  2. Which OCZ is it? They have made a lot over the years.

    I would dust out your case since you said the PSU was getting hot, it might have dust built up in it and be overheating which will cause it to shut down.
  3. your symptomn can indeed be caused by overheating, i would get HWmonitor to check your temps. It can also be a bad motherboard or PSU. As for OCZ, their newer models get rave reviews and they use quality components. If its an older one, you may not be so lucky.
  4. Turning the switch on the power supply on and off a lot can cause damage, especially if you switch it rapidly. That switch is only meant to be used to remove power from the motherboard when installing hardware.

    The way you are supposed to turn the computer on is by way of a front panel switch, and off by way of a shutdown command.

    If your power supply is shutting off by itself, the most likely reason would over-heating. As someone has suggested, vacuum out any dust and fluff - if airflow is blocked, it is easy enough for temperatures to rise.
  5. Could also be a dead cooling fan in the power supply unit itself.
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