What CPU's can the Dell 0UY253 motherboard support?

I was wondering if the Dell 0UY253 motherboard in my XPS 710 system would support an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 CPU. If I remember right the QX6700 CPU can work in it but I'm looking for the best processor this thing can handle until it's time to get replaced.

Right now my current processor, Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 (not QX, just a dual core) is bottlenecking the crap out of my gpu's during games. I have two GTX 560Ti's in SLI. GPU load doesn't even get close to 50% load and CPU load is 100% the entire time, achieving frame rates of about 20-30fps in games like Bad Company 2, not good.

I'm just being really cautious because I'm on a budget and only need to buy what I have to, so just wanted to get some advice making sure that my current CPU would be bottlenecking (I believe it is) my frame rates. And also about my first question on what my mobo can support. Thanks!
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  1. I would post your question in one of the dell forums; some of the older dell boards will run the .45 wolfdales, some won't. The processor you have is very good, you may not gain that much by trying to upgrade.
  2. Going to a quad is not going to do a lot, what is causing your CPU to run at 100% load?
  3. Okay, I'll try and post there. I'm not sure why it is maxed out at 100% and if that is normal or not. I always make sure I have nothing running in the background that isn't necessary. Tried playing again today and GPU was 20-35% average and CPU was 100% steady as usual. Maybe it's time for a whole new rig???
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