GTX 460 SE vs GTX 260

How more powerful is the 460SE than the gtx 260.the rest of my rig is an intel core i7920 6gbddr3 ram and 510wpsu.will I see a noticeable difference with the gtx 460SE?
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  1. It would not be a notable upgrade probably 10-15%
    The GTX260 would be on level with HD5770!
  2. oh and I forgot to add that my resolution is 1680X1050 so which card will be better than the 260 for me.I am on a very limited budget so please suggest which card will be a decent upgrade
  3. Not a worthy upgrade in my opinion, save for something a little more or see what you can sell your GTX 260 for. Then add that to what you already have saved up for the 460SE.
  4. In a very short and to the point "Not Worth It".
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