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anyone have any suggestions for a decent graphics card around $125-$150 range? not gonna upgrade in a while, just seeking advice
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  1. Do you have a preference of ATI over Nvidia?
  2. use ati 5770 it is a good one for that budget.....
  3. GTX 460 768mb is probably what I would get at that price range.
  4. I'd agree with helltech in all honesty. just wanted to see if there was an nvidia/ati preference.
  5. no I don't really prefer one over the other. in my build I have a 1gb 5550, and it hasnt given me any trouble. its my first build, so I have no experience with nvidia. which would be better for light gaming?
  6. Well what do you mean by light gaming? Do you play gfx intensive games infrequently, or do you play non-gfx intensive games non-frequently. You need to elaborate a bit more :P
  7. um is dirt 2 gfx intensive? that's all i play, i play it fairly frequently. hoping to also get dirt 3 when it comes out
  8. ehhhh not really. but if you're gonna get dirt 3 it might not be a bad thing to upgrade, but wait closer to the dirt 3 release date so you can get a nicer card cheaper :)
  9. thanks for the suggestion opexx. too bad my PSU has 1 6pin connector, maybe ill have to upgrade that too......
  10. what is your psu wattage if it is high enough you should just get a 6 pin adapter
  11. 500w, but there's only 1 free molex. those adapters need 2 molex don't they? think it could handle a 5850?
  12. I think there is other adapters from molex to 6 pin. also do you have any 8 pins free? 500w is the minimum wattage recommended for the 5850 and 5830.
  13. I do have an 8pin, but it seems to be for an 8pin CPU connector. It's one cable with a 4pin and an 8pin connector. Can I use the spare 8pin for a graphics card?
  14. absolutely get a 6 pin extension and only hook it up to 6 of the 8 pins and you have a 6 pin connector. or if the card has space the have the extra 2 pins hanging off the sides just plug it in directly
  15. So that 8pin can be used for something other than the CPU then? I thought it was only for the CPU power connector, but I'm only using the 4pin for my CPU.
  16. yes it can its the number of pins that really matters
  17. Oh, okay. Thanks!
  18. GTX 460 768mb is no good then 1gb 5770 in the same price range if you can increase your budget you can buy 1gb palit gtx 460 sonic platinum edition which is far better then both.
  19. So what's better for gaming? 5770 or a GTX460?
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    Palit GeForce GTX 460 1024MB Sonic Platinum is best between the two but it will cost you a little more than your budget...........but if you want to stay in your budget then i will strongly suggest to go with with the ATI 5770 over the GTX 460 768mb
  21. Alright then, thanks for all your help
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