Work/Game PC for $500-700

Im looking for a work/game pc, mainly for work
I want to be able to put a heavy load on the pc, running many apps at a time, apps would include:
- photoshop, visual studio, eclipse ide, browser with tons of tabs, running a test server(php, python) in the background, liscen to music.....

I would also need to use 2 monitors for work, so i would like to get a dedicated video card for that and some gaming too.

The budget, would $500-$700 be enough?

I want to build this myself, what parts, cpu, mobo, video card should i get?
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  1. Try looking at investing over 1000 USD.

    Do you have a preference as to what hardware? Any specific programs and applications?
  2. I have no idea where you live, and I have no idea what prices are like in your area, but I suspect you want too much for too little.

    I would budget more like $2000 for a reasonably good PC to do what you have described, and that's without peripherals, like monitors.

    Good monitors for software development can be a little pricy (I like to get ones which pivot, so you can see a lot of code), and if you are using Photoshop seriously you should consider at least one colour-accurate monitor (an Eizo CG or CE, or an NEC PA series) - those cost serious money; if you are not too serious, you can probably get away with something reasonably decent with an IPS panel.

    Have you any experience building PCs? If not, it might be wise to build something small as your first system, so that if something goes wrong it's not a disaster.

    You can certainly build something for $500-$700, but don't plan on running everything you have listed.
  3. Thanks for the replies, i live in Canada, but Canadian or Us prices are all good, they are not too far off from eachother.

    And yes i can move my price range to $1000.
    I don't need to buy monitors just the pc box and whats in it
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  6. You can build a system for what you are talking about for 700. IMHO.

    I have been running cinema 4d, photoshop, maya, and max, professionally on my core 2 duo machine. It is not the best of the best and takes a hit when you have premier, after effects and cinema 4d open at the same time but it got the job done and those programs are way more intensive than IDE's Also, that is some bull on the monitor. A calibrated monitor is nice but not a must, who are you guys? George Lucas?
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