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Okay well I found the option in advanced > CPU config. Than I over clocked my CPU and the option disappears how am I supposed to keep Speed Step disabled? I need it disabled because it's supposed to increase my SC2 performance according to some threads I've read.
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  1. SpeedStep is normally found in the Power management option in the BIOS. At least from the mobos I have seen. Also you would need to disable C1E, which is inherent to SpeedStep.

    I leave it on because for the most part it will keep the CPU at max performance when its being used by about 20%. SC2 is very CPU intensive so I don't see how SpeedStep will hurt your performance.
  2. From what I read disabling it will fix sudden FPS drops. Not sure if I have a Power management tab. I'll check in a bit.
  3. So I was playing with the BIOS options and changing CPU Ratio Settings back to Auto making Intel(R) SpeedStep(TM) Tech and Intel (R) C-State Tech appear in the Advanced > CPU Config. So I figure it automatically gets disabled when changing CPU Ratio to something other than Auto. Having CPU-Z open and the desktop idle does not change the core speed so I think it's disabled. Can someone clarify how to see if SpeedStep is active.
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