"Turbine" fans for the motherboard voltage regulators?

I have an EVGA x3 Sli Classified X58 motherboard and I've noticed the voltage regulators get very hot even when idling, which I know is fairly normal (I have liquid cooling on the CPU and the Chipset).

But just wandering through some forums I noticed this image:


It seems like the person has two turbine fans installed on their voltage regulators - has anyone seen (or done) this before?

Or... am I just not seeing this correctly? (I wanted to just ask on the forum... but it's more than 2 years old so I figured someone here would have seen this before).

Also... Whatever that is... I'm thinking that might be a good idea... assuming it doesn't mess with the aerodynamics inside the case... don't want to be creating air current eddies and vortices.
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  1. Forgot - the other image:

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