Gtx 560 vs hd 6870 vs xfx 5850 black edition

Which is better in overall preformance the new gtx 560 the 6870 or the xfx 5850 black edition
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  1. the 560 and the 6870 will be really close. I haven't seen any benchmarks for the 560 since it literally JUST came out in the past few days. But Assuming it follows the same path as its predecessors, it will be very close and likely better than the 6870. And the 5850 will be the lowest of those 3.
  2. Here is a link i literally just found with the 560TI and 5870 Slogging it out.

    seems legit?
  3. ya it looks like the 6870 is cheaper and better.

    Both the 6870 and the 5870 AND the 5850 have quite a bit lower performance than the 570. The 560 won't be much worse than the 570; therefor, the 560 will perform better than all of those cards. But only time and benchmarks will tell. pipinhot2, that link shows that both the 5870 and the 6870 perform better than the 570, but benchmarks right there prove otherwise. Stats can tell you what the card is capable of, but it can't guarantee the performance.
  5. here is another benchmark and it shows it beating out the 5870. hhhmmmmmm?
  6. Yup. ATI will put butter specs because they can, but that doesn't mean it's going to perform better. Never refer to pure specs, ALWAYS look for benchmarks. Those benchmarks just proved that the 560 is by far better than all the 5-6870's
  7. So to ask the question because im looking at getting one of these cards.

    What to get?

    560 seems to win but what are the prices?
  8.,2845-6.html the 5870 is pretty beefy overall....but. the 560 has physx........ they are all pretty close though. If you plan on SLI or xfire later, the 6870 will scale better than 5870. In australia the 6950 ($330) is cheaper than gtx560 ($349) so it would be pretty obvious in that case what you would get. The 5870 ($299) is also cheaper than all of them. really depends where you are and where you can buy from though.
  9. in which particular game and at what res does it beat a 6970? it must be very specific because i doubt it would be faster overall. do you maybe mean a 6870?
  10. 5850 < 6870 < GTX560. As crowe said however your location/country can mess up on the prices. Buy the best one of these that your budget allows.
  11. is the gtx 560 for 250$ better than the 5870 and is it worth the extra 10 dollars
  12. Thats going to depend on who you ask. The GTX560 is similar to the GTX470, which is close in performance to the 5870. (depend on the game and settings used.) I would say pick the cheaper of the two if you're going to run stock, or the GTX560 if you'll be OCing.
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