P8z68-V LE funny sounds and freezing ingame

I am from Denmark, so my English could be better.

my current set up

i7 2600K
p8z68-v le
16gb 1600mhz ram
sapphire 6950 2gb crossfire
128gb ssd harddrive
2 tb harddrive
1000W coolermaster psu

every time i start up minecraft, and press multiplayer, there is a funny sound coming from my motherboard (I think) it sound like a capacitor but i am not sure. when i enter the game, it stops making any sounds. should i be worried about this?

The other thing is that when i play games

Saints Row the third
the darkness 2
postal 2/3
and more

it start freezing, it is a different place in the game every time. but when it stuck the music from the game lacks and keeps in the same line. if you understand. if the musik is saying "you" in the game. ist saying "yoooooooooooooooooooooooo" for 5 - 10 minutes, then the game continues, after 5 - 20 minutes its stuck again. i have read many is having problems with this mobo. but i am tirred of it. my pc is only a couple of months old.

can anyone guide me what to do :)
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  1. if i take both of my 6950 out of the system. then the funny sound stops. then i run on the intel hd 3000
  2. one of the 6950 i used in my old setup, it never did or sounded like this. the cards are similar to each other. and if i switch from the new to the old or the other way, or if dont run crossfire it says this sound. very annoying. i think it is the mobo that is causing this.
  3. Exact same problem with the p8z68-v pro/gen3 and radeon 6770. Minutes-long audio lag like you described but eventually recovers only to happen again.

    Any solution you found?
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