RAM doesn't achieve 2133mhz

Motherboard I- GB Z68 UD5
RAM: G skill Ripjaw 16gb

IT only reads at 1600mhz. I have tried changing "system memory multiplier" but get after reboot

"The system has experience boot failures because of overclocking or changes of voltages.

Last settings in this page may not coincide with current H/W states."

How do I go about achieving my 2133mhz as intended?
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  1. Unfortunately the memory controller on your intel cpu only supports ddr3 1066/1333 you can run it higher but its not supported by intel. Increasing your memory speed can burn up your cpu as i found out the hard way your fine running 1600 and i have seen others running up to 1800 on some forums but its at your own risk but i don’t advise it.
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