Replaced motherboard and now have no video signal

Hello Community,
I had a home build that was incredibly glitchy, as it constantly would blue screen and restart without warning. After RMAing the RAM and purchasing a new hard drive the issues still remained. After testing the various components I believed that the part that was causing the issues was the motherboard. I replaced the motherboard and put all of the old components back into it, but now I do not get a video signal. The case lights are on and all the fans run, but I am unable to get a video signal. The board has two PCIE slots for the graphics card and I have tried running it from both, but I still get no video output. The graphics card was working fine in the old motherboard and I was able to get a video signal out of ikt. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

MEM: 2x1 sticks of DDR3 1333
CPU: AMD|ATH II X3 445 3.1G AM3 RT
PSU: Antec NeoPower 550W
HD: Samsung 1tb sata
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  1. Work through the "System Won't Boot" checklist (link in sticky) and let us know how it works out.
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