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I just upgraded my video card, I left all the other components the same. Now when bootup the system, i get the bios beep that indicates the system is booting properly, but my monitor gets no signal. I put the old video card back in and still get no signal. Same with trying a different dvi cable.
If I leave the power to the video card unplugged the system gives me the correct beep to tell me that the card is unpowered. Does all of this mean that my monitor has a bad dvi input, or is it still possible that its the motherboard or video card?
Thanks in advance for any answers
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  1. Does your monitor have VGA input as well as DVI?

    What output was your old graphics card?
  2. Does the motherboard has build-in video? If it does, you might have to disable it again after replacing a new video card.

    Make sure card is well seated in the slot. Don't forget to plug in power connector to card, if necessary.
  3. Both video cards lack vga output, they have dvi and hdmi, the monitor has dvi and vga inputs. And no integrated video on mobo
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