What's Your System Rating Scores?

What do you guys get on your CPU/RAM/GPU?
My Scores is:
i7-950(3841MHz at 1.225v stable) - 7.7(7.5 on stock clock)
KingstonHyperX KHX1800C9D3K2/4G(OC 2009MHz 9-10-9-24 stable) - 7.9(7.8 on stock clocks & Timing)
GT 220(OC at 685/1520/885 stable) - 6.6(6.5 on stocks clocks)

My OC on these hardware gave me a pretty high boost around 3 FPS+ in A.V.A(Alliance of Villiant Arms) game :D...
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  1. most people don't bench using windows index, as it is not reliant on hardware specs alone. 3dmark and PCmark are both good, and give you the option to compare your scores versus all other users' submitted scores.
  2. but to answer your question, cpu 7.6, ram 7.6, graphics 7.8, 3d graphics 7.8 and disk 5.9.
  3. LOL, What kind of CPU/RAM/GPU is it? BTW Im using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit... The Scores are showing some good performance when it's increased by 1 or 2 :D... I never knew what i7-2600k scores and i would like to know :D and other GPU/RAM/CPU... Who here got 7.9/7.9/7.9/7.9? LOL
  4. Not really on topic, but a GT220 is a bit of a waste compared to the rest of the machine..
  5. I do got the GTs 450 but my bro's using it for his adobe cs5.5 stuff...
  6. Gaming is much more important. Take it back.
  7. yea i lol'd when i saw the gt220 mine are cpu 7.6, ram 5.5, graphics 7.1, 3d 7.1, hdd 5.4 < not bad for a $200 PC
  8. AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition - 7.3
    Kingston HyperX 1066Mhz 4GB - 7.4
    GTX 570 Sonic Platinum - 7.9
    HDD - 5.9
  9. All 7.4's except the HDD - 5.9 lol
    Phenom II x6 1055T
    Radeon 5770
    8GB OCZ 1066MHz
    Hitachi 1TB
  10. Hey I will make you feel good about your system

    Core2Duo E4500 at 2.93 ghz - 6.4
    Gskill DDR2-800 CL5 - 5.9
    MSI HD 5670 low profile 512m GDDR5 OCd 850/1050 - 7.0
    gaming graphics - 7.0
    WD Velociraptor HLFS 160gb 10k rpm - 5.9

    $300 dollar Dell Optiplex 745 Baby!

    Go ahead and laugh now :)
  11. C'mon Mal put your digits up
    What was Heavy Hitter WEI?
  12. festerovic said:
    most people don't bench using windows index, as it is not reliant on hardware specs alone. 3dmark and PCmark are both good, and give you the option to compare your scores versus all other users' submitted scores.

    ^+1 Agree

    I use Cinebench 10.5 and 11
    Passmark Performance Test 7.0
    3Dmark06 (though it is getting old- i am afraid to try 3Dmark11-too embarassing LOL)
    Sisoft Sandra Lite

    the Passmark sometimes seems weird to me-dont always agree with scores on some CPUs

    also on Cinebench 11 I got a 37.xx on OpenGL which I dont understand since
    there is no way my CPU/GPU (C2D 2.93/HD 5670) should score that high
    my DX render is 1.65 which is inline with comparable systems

    those are about the best free benches
    Sandra and Passmark are good becuase it tests whole system
    might have a killer CPU but if your HD or GPU is slow it will let you know what to upgrade
  13. Quote:
    it's still running the i5-760 and not the i7-870, with the holiday shipping is delayed a few days; same with the second GTX 560 Ti.
    I can list all of them but the heavy hitter right now..

    I am curious what the HH is now
    so when you do your upgrade I can see the improvement
    Freakin' WEI is useless usually but it is nice to see it go up with upgrades
  14. i5-760 - 7.5
    DDR3 1600 - 7.7
    GTx 560 Ti - 7.7/7.7
    Vertex II - 7.6

    Nice with upgrades your lowest score is going to be 7.6 LOL

    Explain why DDR3-1600 is same as DDR2-1066 at 7.5?
    Is it the CL rating of the DDR2?
    between the better bandwidth and higher freq the DDR3 should be higher shouldnt it?
  15. I am going to go play with 3Dmark11
    might as well see how crappy my system is
    I hope it has some cool graphics anyway
  16. I got a lousy score with my DDR2-800 CL5 Gskill
    If I had a mobo I could play with timings maybe I could get them over 6.0
    right now they are at 5-5-5-15
    I heard their are some software solutions for changing timings on OEM systems
    but doesnt seem worth the trouble to me
  17. it is in dual
    4 x1gb sticks
    matching pairs

    I just ran 3DMark11 and I am ready to puke
    P898 marks

    I knew I was going to suck but not that bad
    A friggin E5200 and a HD 5670 was about double my score!

    On Passmark my E4500 2.2/800fsb OCd to 2.93/1066fsb
    scores a 2090 in CPU score
    which is higher than a Pentium Dual Core E6700 3.2

    so I should be higher than a E5200

    Oh well I guess I should be happy this Piece of Sh@T Dell could even run the test

    Why do GPU makers make DX11 cards like the HD5670
    only way you can run full DX11 is at 800x600
    those demos looked like a fast slideshow LOL

    @OP sorry for hijacking
    still talking about benchmarks though
  18. Here is my info...

    Processor: Intel i7 920 @ 3.4 - 7.6
    Memory (RAM): OCZ Platinum DDR3 1600 - 7.6
    Graphics: EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC in SLI - 7.9
    Gaming Graphics: EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC in SLI - 7.9
    Primary Hard Disk: OCZ Vertex II 240 GB - 7.8

  19. A Vertex II still cant score 7.9!
    they really made that WEI HD impossible

    also interesting that festerovic has a 2600k and scored 7.6
    and you scored 7.6 with a 920 @ 3.4

    interesting comparison between I7 first gen and second gen
  20. The First Generation is still the best but price is way too high(990X) but as the Ivy Bridge coming out, the price for 990x would be probably around $700 or so... AND About my Evga GTs 450, im planing to SLI them to score probably 7.9 at least and as a single card, it scored 7.7(With OC from 822 to 900/1800/2050)... I dont really like the 3DMark and PCMark because It doesn't let me do the setting(Graphic) and I also hate how it's not free... Also I don't like to create accounts...

    Does anyone know if an i7-9xx(Not the X series) Can defeat an i5-2500k? Some people said that the 2500k doesn't support HTT which isn't as good as an i7-9xx(Not the X series)... Since SB is 15% faster, im sure my i7-950 at 3.8GHz can defeat 2500k at stock BUT i dont get how it can defeat my i7-950(at stock) when it doesn't have HTT...
  21. @king smp:
    and my 2600k is at 4.4ghz. THe same system does P29000 on 3dmarkvantage (as in, its not misconfigured)

    @ the RAM index, when I had 4 gigs of the same RAM, my memory score was 7.2. When I added the second stick, it went up to 7.6. Also, a single 6850 scored 6.9. crosfired it went to 7.8
  22. festerovic said:
    @king smp:
    and my 2600k is at 4.4ghz. THe same system does P29000 on 3dmarkvantage (as in, its not misconfigured)
    Interesting on the 3DMark Vantage score. My i7 920 | GTX 560 Ti SLI setup scored P35000. It just goes to show how much 3DMark Vantage favors Nvidia cards over ATI, specially for the fact my cards aren't that much more powerful than yours. Along with your CPU being the more powerful CPU.
  23. the cpu gets tuned out though, i got roughly the same score with i7 920 @ 3.4ghz. Yeah you have to turn off the Physx for vantage to do the scores apples to apples. I did overclock the living ish out of my cards. The cpu tests were noticeably different though.
  24. Talking about PhysX, Should i select my CPU for PhysX or VideoCard because im currently using the GT 220 and it doesn't seem to improve anything(Performance for PhysX) when i select CPU nor VideoCard...
  25. You can try your CPU but with the GT 220, it just really doesn't have the power to push "PhysX" really. It is more of an OEM type card for basic use and not really gaming related that utilizes PhysX more.
  26. Also, Why does my games Crashes when I Enable PhysX in M.E.(Mirrors Edge)??? Also how do i enable PhysX for the Batman? I searched on google and they dont gives me clues since It's a Cracked version(Downloaded instead of buy)... IDK How to enable PhysX...
  27. 2500K @ 4.8GHz: 7.7
    G.Skill 12GB 1600 CL9: 7.8
    Palit GTX 570 Sonic (830 core, 2100 memory): 7.9/7.9
    Kingston 96GB SATA2 SSD: 7.2
  28. I'm kinda surprised that my 64GB crucial m4 manages to score a 7.9.
  29. http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/208/ratingn.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us" class="img lazy">

    I'm getting low on hard disk.. Will change to SSD for the better results
  30. Try PerformanceTest guys, it's a GREAT program. When I was in Best Buy choosing a LT for my bud, I installed it on every single laptop (that interested) xD.

    Will post ratings when I get home, BTW first post :)
  31. CPU - Intel i7 2600k - [stock clock 3.4Ghz] Rating 7.8
    RAM - Corsair 8GB - Rating 7.8
    GPU - HD 5850 1GB DDR5 [OC 25%] -Rating 7.8
    1TB - Seagate Barracuda 7200 - Rating 5.9
    OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  32. I haven't seen one of these willy waving posts for a while, so I might as well get mine out!
    Cpu - 7.8 i52500k
    Memory - 7.9 8gig corsair xms3 1600
    Graphics - 7.9 for both readings 2x GTX470 in Sli
    Hdd - 7.9 Corsair Gt3

    Now you would think you wouldn't need anymore if windows XI was anything to go by,
    but using a propper bench marker shows that it can be lacking.
    Shame I'm skint, I've got a massive upgrade bug atm
  33. 7.5, 7.9, 7.8, 5.9
  34. May as well...

    i5-2500K - 7.5
    8gb Kingston - 7.7
    XFX 6850 - 7.7
    WD Caviar Black 1TB - 5.9
  35. i5-750 - 7.3
    8gb ripjaw - 7.5
    gtx 460 sli - 7.6
    hdd - 5.9
  36. To answer this thread.

    I have to say, its the first time i got a PC that the HDD is the lowest rating. It was always the graphics that scored the lowest, until now.

    i7 2630QM 7.5
    Radeon 6570M 7.2, i think its OC-ed in the laptop
    4gb(dont know what brand) RAM 7.0
    HDD 5.9

    Lets face it, HDD is only 320GB and it is crap. Guess i sacrificed harddrive space and quality for the CPU and GPU
  37. Quote:
    Lets face it, HDD is only 320GB and it is crap. Guess i sacrificed harddrive space and quality for the CPU and GPU

    It's been pretty much confirmed that a single mechanical HDD (no matter how fast it really is) will never score above 5.9. It's possible in RAID configs, though, I believe.
  38. is it true you can only get 7.9 for CPU with a 5.6ghz clock? Lol, not sure about this, heard it from LinusTechTips Youtube,.
  39. i5 2400 - 7.4
    8GB Kingston 1333mhz - 7.6
    GTX 550 ti - 7.4
    Samsung HDD - 5.9
  40. FX 8120 @ 4.7 ghz -------- 7.8
    8GB ddr3 2133 9-11-10 ---7.9
    6970 CF -------------------- 7.9
    HDD raid 0 (4 drives) ------5.9

    so even with raid you can't get above 5.9 with mechanical drives. Been running this raid 0 stripe for 5+ years now, before ssd were even remotely affordable.

    Passmark numbers are kinda goofy, you get major bonus points for having 16 gb of memory.

    Maybe ill clock to 5.0 again and see if that hits 7.9. don't like the voltage required for it tho.

    From what I gathered, to get 7.9 requires a server chip (16 cores) or 2 cpus overclocked.
  41. CPU: 7.5
    RAM: 7.5
    GPU: 7.7
    GPU2: 7.7
    HDD: 5.9
  42. I have no idea what my WEI scores are, since it refuses to update.
  43. sk1939 said:
    I have no idea what my WEI scores are, since it refuses to update.

    WEI scores aren't really a big deal anyway. Have you tried manually re-running them by clicking on the "Windows Experience Index" (in blue) just after your score then, click Re-run the assessment on the bottom right hand corner of the next page.
  44. CPU (Phenom II X2 @ 3.71GHz): 6.8
    RAM (Mushkin DDR2 @ 822MHz): 7.4
    Graphics (Geforce GTX 260+ @ 702/1584/1053): 7.4
    Gaming Graphics: 7.4
    Boot disk (OCZ Onyx SATA II): 7.3
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