Starcraft II PC Build ($1500)

Hey Everyone,

It is now time for me to ditch my iMac for a stronger gaming machine. I mostly play starcraft II and I hate having to set my graphics on high. I'm looking to spend 1500 dollars for the best gaming rig with the following specs. (I already have windows 7, cd/dvd drives)

- intel (sandy bridge i5/i7)
- graphics cards in SLI/Crossfire
- windows 7 64 bit
- highly expandable
- USB 3.0

Thanks for your help!
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    I'd ask in the Home Built forums about this. You're free to spend whatever you wish, but depending on your screen resolution, $1,500 is way overkill. You can probably get by with an $800 machine. Check out the $550 SBM to see how games did on that type of budget.

    On topic of this forum: Based on how game companies are trying to keep 'platform-parity' with their titles, it almost begs the question about how much hardware you really need for new titles. Seems like a for a new system, a $120 CPU with 6850 or 6870 will give you ample performance to handle the type of 'least common denominator' titles that game developers seem to be moving towards.

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