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My Pc when last booted up it has not monitor. Well it was the card. But now I can not find a card that fitss. How to you buy a gaming card on the low side. without opening up the box to see if all the notchs Fit ? ? So far I have two brand new cards that do not fit. Just from listing to sales guy. Dell does not seem to even recongize my tag number, plus I do not see the model in their line. Ideas ? ?
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  1. What is your Dell computer model number? I will try and see what motherboard you have thus what video card you need.

    There is PCI, PCI-e, and AGP slots. You more than likely have AGP or PCI-e.
  2. How do you know they don't fit if you haven't opened up the box?

    Why would you buy TWO brand new video cards without knowing what video card your motherboard supports?

    What processor do you have? That should pretty much tell you if it's agp or pci-e.
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