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Hey guys - I have had Fios for a year or so now, but have recently run into a bit of a problem. There are three "young adults" living in our house right now, and when each of them try to get onto XBOX Live to play together they run into NAT issues. I have searched around and found that this seems to be a fairly common problem with the router supplied by verizon, and some people have suggested using the supplied router as a network bridge and buying a different router to use in our house.

I'm more than willing to buy the new router, I just was hoping for some advise on what to use, or even if this would work. Currently, all three systems are plugged in directly via ethernet cables, but they can connect wirelessly as well.

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  1. well idk the issues about verizon and xbox but i have a wireless N router (WRT610) and it wouldn't connect to my xbox (even in mix mode) so i had to by wireless bridge wet610 and it work really well.. Idk how it is now this was about 2-3 yrs ago but if you can buy the wet610 and try it out and then return it go for it i give it 5 stars

    Good Luck

    Also don't bother calling Microsoft they wont help you.
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