Windows 7 and GA-EP43-UD3L

Any advice on how to get win 7 to actually install on this board? The process seems to take forever and constantly hangs up while doing so. I'm pulling my hair out over this.

I see many with similar issues stating that floppy settings in the bios could be the problem but that seems to be a dead end for me.
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  1. What HW are u using How much RAM, PSU...., HDD space for install?
  2. 4 GB DDR2 (need to upgrade this), 500 GB HDD, 750w PSU, 2.8 GHZ dual core cpu.
  3. 7 should work fine on that board.

    Only time I had issues like this is when the CPU was over heating due to a broken retention bracket. Check your temps.
  4. Temps look fine, very interesting. I've got some new upgrades on the way. May keep this build on XP after all plan on updating the new build to 7.
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