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I am looking forward to create my second rig using stock parts that our shop cannot sell. Now, I am wondering if this stock Thermaltake litepower 700W would be able to run the system. Hardware are as follows:

MOBO: Gigabyte x58a UD3R
CPU: Intel i7 960
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 6950 2gb
MEMORY: 3x2gb OCZ GOLD PC12800
boot Drive: Crucial C300 64gb
other hardware: 3 led fans(not including CM HAF X fans), Thermaltake Contac 29 CPU cooler, OCZ XTC memory cooler.

I do not know much about this PSU, it is all we have in stock, before I put it all together I am now wondering if this PSU can handle all the hardware or cause some hardware problems since this system will be used for a mini gaming server, and downtime would be a pain in the arse. Thanks!

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  1. Yes it will run just fine.
  2. If you want reliability you wouldn't be using a Thermaltake Litepower W0356. That probably explains why it only has a 2 year warranty. The 700 Watts, that Thermaltake markets it as, is Peak Power. Its labeled continuous power output is 600 Watts.
  3. the litepower 450w got a great review, however the 600 and 700w models are made by the same manufacturer as the trupower RX series which have horrible reviews.,2913-9.html I wouldnt risk it. Also the 700w is peak power, it is really a 600w psu (if it can produce its rated power.) I would rather take a 550w antec than a 700w thermaltake.
  4. This PSU will be just temporary btw, I will be upgrading it after 2 - 4 months. I just don't have the budget yet and it was all we have in stock.
    I have put all the parts and it ran alright.
    However I have one small worry, would I suffer hardware damage by using the PSU?
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    should be ok, your not running it anywhere near its limits.
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