Looking for Good Gaming Micro ATX case

Hello, I am looking for a good Micro ATX case for gaming, just wanted to know if there are any that anyone can recommend?

It will have to have space to fit a single card of the current high end graphics cards and if possible cable management and some cooling options, I don't OC so don't need much cooling.

I have a full tower at the moment and most of the space inside never gets used and it just takes up a lot of room, are my hopes to high or is there something that can cater for a decent spec machine but not dominate my desk space. Also I like simple plain designs like Fractal Design and Lian Li.

Many thanks in advance
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    Aplus CS-Blockbuster-Storm Micro ATX with Side Window with 2x USB, 2x Audio, 1x Firewire (No PSU)

    Manufacturer: Aplus Fan Bays: 1 x 120mm
    1 x 220mm
    1 x 80mm
    Edition: Fans Included: 1 x 120mm
    1 x 220mm
    Form Factor: Micro ATX
    Material: Aluminium Dimensions: 285 x 385 x 260 mm (WxHxD mm)
    Front Panel: 1 x Firewire
    1 x Headphone
    1 x Mic In
    2 x USB 2.0
    Colour: Black
    PSU : Weight: 2.94 Kg (Approx)
    Drive Bays: 1 x 3.5" External
    2 x 3.5" Internal
    2 x 5.25" External

    Silverstone Fortress FT03B, Black, Micro-ATX Aluminum Mini Tower Case w/o PSU

    Manufacturer: Silverstone Tech. Fan Bays: 3 x 120mm
    1 x 80/92 mm
    2 x 80mm
    Edition: Fortress Fans Included: 3 x 120mm
    Form Factor: Micro ATX
    Mini DTX
    Mini ITX
    Material: Aluminium/ Steel Dimensions: 235 x 487 x 284 (WxHxD mm)
    Front Panel: 1 x Line Out
    1 x Mic In
    2 x USB 3.0
    Colour: Black
    PSU : Weight: 6.7 Kg (Approx)
    Drive Bays: 1 x 2.5" Internal
    3 x 3.5" Internal
    1 x Slim Optical
  2. Both the above cases will fit a GTX580 card inside, i have used both cases and they both offer fantastic cooling, but i thin the cool plain look of the Silverstone would suit you more, however with the Silversone you will need to buy a slot drive DVD for your optical drive. Both cases also use standard ATX PSUs.
  3. Wow the Silverstone looks impressive, the other one looks a bit too flashy with its big fan and displays and stuff. The Silver stone is a bit expensive but looks fantastic!

    I was looking at Lian Li PC-A04 but now im not so sure, what are your thoughts on the PC-A04?
  4. I would not like to judge as i have never used the Lian Li, however the Silverstone case i have 2 of and can truly say that the modern chimney effect airflow, case styling and build quality are truly excellent.
  5. I have watched the video reviews for both on youtube and id still go for the silverstone, better cooling and better cable routing.

    Lian Li

  6. The Lian Li was more of what I set out for and will fit my current set-up (computer desk) but the Silverstone is more of a gaming case with more airflow and so on, do you have any more suggestions that might stir me? Otherwise Ill just have try and make my mind up, but there so matched for my needs!

    Thanks for the help

    Regards Hjn123
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